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These sculptures Anonymous Woman and Baldwin are the final presentation for my Tisch Library Research Grant in 2019.  I spent the summer researching  Black identity in America and representation and I combined this research with fashion found in the drag culture.  


One sculpture represents the black woman in America, the visual references to negative imagery like the mammy are overlayed and altered with symbols and references to Black pride. The second sculpture represents the black man in America, the intimidating hooded figure is overlayed and altered  down adding lavish details that give the figure a sense of royalty.


Both garments hold patterns created from combined imagery found in textiles from across the African continent.  Added to the  gown of Anonymous Woman, these patterns are the words of and about Black women in America who have been influential in changing the visual culture of Black women. Added to Baldwins patterns are the words of James Baldwin along with more iconic imagery associated with Black pride.

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